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Mercury PRO: frontend developer evolution

Yippee! Finally, the first offline meetup in a long time. The last offline event I participated in was on , Pytup 2019. This time it wasn't a big conference, but a cosy meetup from Mercury.

A familiar tall brick hall. I was here in at UralJS #7, but then this hall seemed bigger to me.

Meetup program:

Mobilizing the frontend

Alexei Kuznetsov, Mercury Development

Report on practical experience of creating applications on React Native. I liked the cases of real projects and a myths block about React Native at the very end of the report.

How I Became a Node.js Developer in a day

Sergey Butuzov, Mercury Development

A report on the change of the technical stack from C# to Node.js. Sergei told what he lacked in Node.js, as well as analogy with the C# stack. There were interesting inserts about the architecture of the application.

Developer Experience (DX): Developers are people, too. GraphQL

Alexey Rodionov, Mercury Development

Report on Everything. The GraphQL ecosystem and useful tools for it. I am using firebase for this blog and I agree with Alexey's comments.

At the end of the meetup there was a Jeopardy game. That's the advantage of such small cosy meetups compared to big conferences.