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My browser extensions

I use google chrome, it's my main browser. I also love extensions. They add functionality and allow me to automate my work, thereby saving time.

Sometimes some extensions become redundant as browsers have added new functionality or implemented the entire extension (for example the Password Checkup extension to check passwords has been fully integrated into google chrome).

Here's a list of my current extensions. You can install them via direct links from the extension store.

  1. WappalyzerWappalyzer WhatrunsWhatruns

    As a developer, I am curious about the technologies that companies use on their websites. I have two such extensions at once. They are Wappalyzer and Whatruns. They complement each other in different situations when one fails or shows incomplete information.

  2. Fonts NinjaFonts Ninja

    Font Specifications. I use Fonts Ninja, this extension knows about the font name, size, line spacing, etc.

  3. ColorPick EyedropperColorPick Eyedropper ColorZillaColorZilla

    Color Identification. I like ColorPick Eyedropper, which shows the selected color in HEX or RGB in 2 clicks. ColorZilla does the same thing, only in 3 clicks. But ColorZilla knows how to show a whole site color palette and saves a history of colors found.

  4. Page Ruler ReduxPage Ruler Redux DimensionsDimensions

    Size estimation. Page Ruler Redux is the primary measurement tool, and Dimensions is an excellent complement because it works directly with pixels. However, it is not so relevant for images.

  5. Awesome Screenshot Screen RecorderAwesome Screenshot Screen Recorder

    Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder helps you make a screenshot of a selected area or the whole page. It can also record video.

  6. Talend API TesterTalend API Tester

    Talend API is a nicely designed analogue of Postman for API testing. You can save and group all requests by project. Very handy and beautiful.

  7. EditThisCookieEditThisCookie

    Easy cookie management. Sometimes it's interesting to see what information different sites store in cookies. It is also convenient to change and delete cookies while testing projects.

  8. LanguageToolLanguageTool

    Spelling. I use LanguageTool. It supports multiple languages.

  9. PerfectPixelPerfectPixel

    The PerfectPixel extension can be included in a frontend developer's kit. This will help you type pixel by pixel.

  10. Humble New Tab PageHumble New Tab Page

    There are many extensions for home pages. I used Humble New Tab Page for a long time, it just groups sites and also shows the most visited ones.

    Lately I've installed It's an aggregator of articles and news from various sites and developer blogs.

    Usually extensions for start pages replace each other. Therefore, you need to choose and use only one.

  11. Octotree - GitHub code treeOctotree

    Octotree - GitHub code tree makes it easy to navigate to files on GitHub. You don't have to clone projects every time with it.

There are many other extensions for managing music or working with email. You can always find something for yourself and optimize your work.